Isotope analysis

Isotopic analysis

ALS Scandinavia offers a wide range of isotope analysis. We offer isotopic systems by two different high resolution ICP-MS techniques: high-resolution ICP-MS (ICP-SFMS) and multi-collector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-SFMS).

Having more than a decade of experience in isotope analysis, stable isotope testing, and by combining commercial testing with our own research in the field,  means ALS Scandinavia is at the absolute forefront of isotopic ratio testing. We are the only commercial isotope laboratory offering isotope ratio analysis of heavy stable elements such as Si, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mo.

The isotopic composition of a certain element can be used as a fingerprint, providing valuable information on the processes that the element has undergone. Isotopic compositions vary and are affected by such things as the element source, weather, biological and biochemical processes or the geological age of a material. Consequently, there are many applications where an isotope laboratory analysis can be useful, for example: geology, geochronology, provenance studies and for tracing pollution and exposure sources. Please read more about our analytical packages or contact us for more information.


During the fall of 2013, we introduced a second MC-ICP-MS system to our instrument park. The instrument, Neptune Plus, is the latest generation and allows us to offer isotope analyses at even lower concentrations and with better precision than before. By combining commercial testing with a strong focus on research, ALS Scandinavia is taking the latest in isotope testing to our commercial clients worldwide.

Latest news

ALS introduces improved analytical packages for PFAS analysis

6 feb 2018
ALS has introduced new, improved analytical packages for PFAS analysis of water, sediment and soil. The new analytical packages contain numerous substances and better reporting levels (LOQs). For uncontaminated water the LOQ is 0.0003 µg/l for many parameters.... Read more »

New scientific article from ALS Luleå: Determination of ultra-trace level elements in complex environmental and clinical matrices

21 dec 2017
Research conducted at the ALS laboratory in Luleå, Sweden has to date resulted in over 100 scientific publications and more than 3000 citations. The latest article covers analysis of ultra-trace level elements by ICP-SFMS in samples characterized by complex composition of the matrix.... Read more »

ALS makes Christmas donation to UNICEF

6 dec 2017
ALS Christmas donation this year goes to UNICEF and their important work with children worldwide.     Read more »

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