Rare Earth Elements (REE) or Rare Earth Metals (REM) are used in the manufacturing of several new technologies such as LED displays, lamps, electric engines, batteries and wind turbines. The increased use of REE-elements results in an increasing need of testing the environmental impact.

Trace elements analysis has been the focus of ALS Scandinavia’s laboratory in northern Sweden for over 20 years. By operating the most sensitive analytical instrumentation (ICP-SFMS) in a controlled environment, ALS offers analysis of REE elements (or rare earth metals) with low quantification limits (LOQs). ALS can offer analysis of REE elements in any samples matrix including:

  • Soil, sediment and sludge
  • Water
  • Biota
  • Geological samples
  • Various materials
  • And more

Which REE elements can be analyzed?

ALS routinely performs analysis of 16 rare earth elements and offers full analytical packages or customized analytical solutions for your particular need. The below REE-elements are offered routinely:

Rare Earth elements

Ce, Cerium

Gd, gadolinium

Nd, neodymium

Tb, terbium

Dy, dysprosium

Ho, holmium

Pr, praseodymium

Tm, thulium

Er, erbium

La, lanthanum

Sm, samarium

Yb, ytterbium

Eu, europium

Lu, lutetium

Sc, scandium

Y, yttrium

Additionally, ALS offers a screening package that includes elements, heavy metals, trace-elements, REE elements (rare earth elements) and can be complemented with the halogens Br, Cl and I. The screening can be offered both semi-quantitatively and fully quantitative. Comprehensive trace elemental screenings are useful for a variety of fields including:

  • Checking background levels in the environment.
  • Impurity analysis of products or chemicals.
  • Investigational purposes, for example when one is not certain where a certain particle comes from in a production process.

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