stable isotope analysis

Stable isotope analysis

ALS Scandinavia offers stable isotope analysis of a large number of isotopic systems.

While unstable isotopes spontaneously disintegrate to form other isotopes over time, stable isotopes do not decay. The relative abundance of such isotopes is therefore tested resulting in isotope ratios that can be used for a variety of fields including environmental forensics (pollution source tracing), geochemistry, provenance studies and more.

Analysis of heavy stable isotopes can be carried out by two techniques, traditionally by MC-ICP-SFMS (multicollector ICP-SFMS) but also by ICP-SFMS (high resolution ICP-MS). ALS Scandinavia has developed numerous matrix separation methods that can be applied prior to testing of stable isotope ratios resulting significantly improved measurement uncertainty.

For more information about our laboratory and our analytical methods, please see 
ICP laboratory and analytical methods.


Our isotope research is done in close co-operation with several external institutions, particularly the Divisions of Applied Geology and Chemistry at Luleå University of Technology. It has resulted in a number of publications in the scientific literature. Please follow the link for more information about our isotope research.


ALS Scandinavia receives regularly questions regarding our isotope analysis process. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers, (FAQ) here. 


All our isotope analyses are performed at the ALS Scandinavia laboratory in Luleå. Please contact our customer service at + 46 920 28 99 00 for more information or send a message below directly to our isotope analysis team. 


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