Payment terms

ALS accepts credit card and invoice for payment.

30 days net. Interest will be charged on late payments as permitted by Swedish law concerning interest rates. All prices in the price list are in SEK and are exclusive of VAT. There will not be any billing fee or basic fee. ALS Scandinavia reserves the right to request payment in advance. If samples require drying, grinding, etc there will be a additional fee. For large numbers of samples and for recurrent samples, please ask for quotations.

For countries applying a withholding tax: This is not to be covered by ALS or to be deducted from the invoiced amount.

In case of incomplete billing information on the order form leading to a new invoice, an extra fee for the additional invoice will be charged.

A company, organisation or unit with its own VAT number which has as business relationship with ALS is called client. A person who is employed by or act on behalf of the client is referred to as contact or order contact.


1. ALS Scandinavia is liable for damages suffered by the buyer due to error or neglect by ALS Scandinavia in the performance of its duties with the following specified limitations. Please also see the General Supply Regulations for Assignments within the Laboratory Sector.

2. Liability for losses only covers compensation for the direct cost of error or neglect. It does not cover indirect damages (indirect loss) such as lost profits, expected savings, loss of income or other financial losses. ALS Scandinavia's liability does not cover damages dependent on the buyer such as the buyer providing incorrect conditions or information or modifying results obtained by ALS Scandinavia without ALS Scandinavia's approval. ALS Scandinavia's total liability for damages due to the assignment is limited to one basic amount.

3. In the event of personal injury ALS Scandinavia's liability limitations for damages are not in effect; in such case liability shall be judged by law, neither in case of injury caused by gross negligence by ALS Scandinavia.

4. The buyer's right to damages as described above is forfeited if claim for compensation is not presented in writing without delay, though no later than within six weeks after the buyer has received the test results.

Delivery times
Sampling containers etc are delivered promptly. You can find the TATs for each analytical package on the website. In general, analytical results are usually delivered within 10 work days from receipt of samples (analyses involving fusion of sample requires 15 work days), but the TAT may vary depending on analysis. In most cases rush analyses can be carried out at an additional fee.

There are exceptions for analyses performed by external labroatories or tests with longer standard turnaround times. Please see each analytical package for applicable TATs and express fees.

Rush samples are analyzed to the capacity of the laboratory. For some packages, a rush analysis is not possible. Please contact the laboratory for information about delivery alternatives.

Analytical results

Results are delivered by e-mail (e-mail address must be available) or letter, or, if desired, by fax. Upon request, results may be supplied in digital format on CD. Registered users can also download their own results from this website (online-service). Concentrations for water samples are given in mg/l or µg/l. Concentrations for solid samples are given in mg/kg dry weight. For foodstuffs concentrations are however usually given in mg/kg wet weight. If results are to be given in another concentration unit this must be specified in the order.

Special analyses

For analyses not found in the price list, please contact the laboratory for discussion.


Samples are stored for some time after results are sent out unless otherwise specified. Return shipping of sample materials or packaging may be arranged at cost.

Liability for transports

ALS Scandinavia is not liable for samples transported to the laboratory by subcontractors (e.g. Box Delivery).

ALS data protection policy

The ALS data protection policy explains how we collect and process certain personal data as well as your rights. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions regarding data integrity and security.

In order to fulfill our obligations towards personnel, clients and suppliers, ALS needs to process personal data in accordance with the current data security policy. We do this with the utmost respect for your integrity.

To view the ALS data security policy, please click here.


ALS Scandinavia AB shall treat all information from the client relating to the assignment as the property of the client and as confidential. The same applies for analytical results, reports and other information generated by ALS while processing the sample material provided by the buyer.

ALS may be required to share information with authorities such as the accreditation body, police or Tax Agency when obliged to do so by law. In instances when ALS intends to share confidential information we will, if needed, inform the buyer about this.

A separate confidentiality agreement may be established between ALS and the client.