ALS Scandinavia offers molybdenum isotope ratio of 95Mo, 96Mo, 97Mo, and 98Mo. Analysis of molybdenum isotope ratios is useful in a variety of fields including:

  • Geology
  • Pollution source tracing
  • Exposure source tracing

The analysis of molybdenum (Mo) isotopes is typically carried out by MC-ICP-SFMS (multicollector ICP-SFMS). ALS Scandinavia has developed a matrix separation method that can be applied on prior to analysis for significantly improved measurement uncertainty.

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Research - Molybdenum isotope analysis

Our isotope research is done in close co-operation with several external institutions, particularly the Divisions of Applied Geology and Chemistry at Luleå University of Technology. Our research has resulted in the below publication(s) relating to molybdenum isotope analysis:

  • Molybdenum isotope ratio measurements on geological samples by MC-ICP-MS
  • Ion-specific isotopic fractionation of molybdenum during diffusion in aqueous solutions

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Isotope analyses are performed at the ALS Scandinavia laboratory in Sweden. Please contact us by sending a message using the contact form.