Order sample containers

Order sample containers

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Sample containers are delivered free of charge to an address of your choice within Sweden, generally within 3-5 days after we receive the order.

Most standard sample containers for samples submitted for analysis are provide free of charge (for exceptions, see the list below). Extra sample containers for, e.g., storage of samples, can be purchesed from ALS, see price list.

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Special terms for absorption solutions
Minimum volume: 1 liter
Standard delivery time: 7-10 work days
Shipping fee: SEK 150/parcel + SEK 25 additional fee for hazardous goods.
Note! Shortest delivery time is 2 work days, shipping fee SEK 300/parcel + SEK 25 additional fee for hazardous goods.
Additional express fee: 200 % - delivery of solutions in 2 work days, given that the order has arrived at ALS Luleå before 10.00. 100 % - delivery of solutions in 3 work days. 75 % - delivery of solutions in 4 work days. 40 % - delivery of solutions in 5 work days.
20 % - delivery of solutions in 6 work days.