When preparing to send biota samples for laboratory analysis, please consider below below bulletpoints.

  • Please ship fish and shellfish/mussels/clams frozen. Samples should be kept frozen during transport and upon arrival to the laboratory.
  • Please send enough sample material for the requested analyses. As an example, the weight of the liver of a 300-400 g fish is around 8-10 g. The dry weight of the liver is approximately 20%, i.e. the dry weight is around 1-2 g from the fish.
  • Mussels/clams: Please rinse the mussels/clams in the same water that they have been collected from. It is important that the mussels/clams are cleansed from sand and sediment.
  • If you wish to have the length of the fish measured, please do not send the fish rolled or bent, as we measure the length in frozen condition.
  • If you know that you may request supplementary analyses, we would prefer to have such information before we dissects the samples. This enables us to store additional material for any supplementary analyses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.