Pharmaceutical samples for elemental impurities analysis are sent directly to our laboratory in Luleå, Sweden.

ALS Scandinavia AB, Aurorum 10, 977 75 Luleå, Sweden.

Any traditional logistics provider may be used for shipping samples to us. If you need assistance with sending your samples to ALS, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please make sure to pack sample(s) thoroughly taking all the appropriate safety measures. Each shipment should include:

  • Referral to a valid quotation for the requested test(s)
  • A filled out order forms
  • Relevant safety information (read more below)

Please contact us to request a quote or about shipping information.

Safety information

When shipping pharmaceutical samples it particularly important that you submit information about the matrix at hand. In order to protect ALS employees and assure that the best possible analytical method is applied we therefore need the below information about samples sent to ALS:

  • Sample matrix
  • High expected concentrations of PBT (persistent bio accumulative toxic) or toxic substances
  • Potential infection risks
  • Do the samples require any special storage conditions or spaces?
  • Submit an MSDS, Master Safety Data Sheet (if possible)