Packages: 1
Sample type: Products and chemicals
Analysis type: Combination packages

Combination packages / Products and chemicals

Analysis of substance: Report limit:
Cd, cadmium 0.5 mg/kg
Cr6+, chromium(VI) 2 mg/kg
Hg, mercury 1 mg/kg
Pb, lead 1 mg/kg
PBB + PBDE 450 mg/kg

Analysis according to the RoHS Directive

Package info

Price: 5 460 SEK / sample
Discount group: 2
Sample type: Products and chemicals > Electronics
Analysis type: Combination packages
Sample amount: Please contact the laboratory for information on sample amount.
Remarks: Price excl. of PBB and PBDE: SEK 2100.
For homogenous samples, SEK 420/sample is charged for sample preparation. For other sample types/products, please contact client service in Luleå for information about sample preparation.