Packages: 1
Sample type: Food
Analysis type: Speciation

Speciation / Food

Analysis of substance: Report limit:
inorganic arsenic (iAs) 0.01 mg/kg
monomethylarsonate MMA(V) 0.02 mg/kg
dimethylarsinate 0.01 mg/kg

OB-19d Arsenic speciation in foodstuff and biota

Package info

Price: 2 625 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 15 work days
Fastest response time: 4 work days
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Food
Analysis type: Speciation
Sample amount: 0.5-1 g
Express: Yes, Express tariff 3: 4 days +100%; 5 days +75%; 6 days +40%; 7 days +30%; 8 days +20%
Accreditation: Yes
Remarks: The samples should preferably be sent in unbroken packaging and be kept cold and dark.
2625 SEK for the first sample, for more samples please contact the laboratory.