Sample type: Food
Analysis type: Contaminants
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
naphthalene µg/kg
acenaphthylene µg/kg
acenaphthene µg/kg
fluorene µg/kg
phenanthrene µg/kg
anthracene µg/kg
fluoranthene µg/kg
pyrene µg/kg
benzo(a)anthracene µg/kg
chrysene µg/kg
benzo(b)fluoranthene µg/kg
benzo(k)fluoranthene µg/kg
benzo(a)pyrene µg/kg
dibenzo(ah)anthracene µg/kg
benzo(ghi)perylene µg/kg
indeno(123cd)pyrene µg/kg

F-POP-2 PAH-16 in food products

Package info

Price: 3 110 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 12 work days
Discount group: 3
Sample type: Food
Analysis type: Contaminants
Sample amount: 100 g
Container: original packaging (one package per ordered analysis package)
Accreditation: Yes
Remarks: The LOQs may vary depending on sample type. Please contact client service in Stockholm for information.