E-1a Metals in circuit boards

Substance: Report limit:
Ag, silver 1 mg/kg
As, arsenic 25 mg/kg
Au, gold 0.5 mg/kg
Be, beryllium 1 mg/kg
Bi, bismuth 1 mg/kg
Cd, cadmium 0.5 mg/kg
Cr, chromium 1 2 mg/kg
Cu, copper 5 mg/kg
Hg, mercury 1 mg/kg
Ni, nickel 2 2 mg/kg
Pb, lead 1 mg/kg
Pd, palladium 2 mg/kg
Pt, platinum 0.5 mg/kg
Sb, antimony 0.5 mg/kg
Sn, tin 12 mg/kg
Zn, zinc 2.5

Package info

Price: 5 250 SEK / sample
Discount group: 2
Sample type: Electronics
Analysis type: Elements
Method: ICP-SFMS
Remarks: May be supplemented with other elements. First supplementary element SEK 250, following supplementary elements 130 SEK/element.
Read about the RoHS directive at rohs-analysis.com.

1 For the determination of Cr(VI), please contact the laboratory. Price: 765 kr/sample
2 Determination of Ni according to SS-EN 1811: Additional cost SEK 1050/sample.