Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Organic compounds
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
PFOA Perfluoro-n-octanoic acid 0,0050 µg/l
PFOS Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid 1 0,0050 µg/l

OV-34b Perfluorinated compounds, PFAS (2) in water

Package info

Price: 2 415 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: 4 work days
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Organic compounds
Sample amount: 250 ml
Container: 250 ml PE-HD plastic bottle
Method: LC-MS-MS
Express: Yes, Express tariff 3: 4 days +100%; 5 days +75%; 6 days +40%; 7 days +30%; 8 days +20%
Accreditation: Yes
Remarks: Possibility for shorter TAT. Contact the laboratory in Danderyd before samples are sent to ensure capacity and for price information.
Sampling in glass bottle is not recommended.

1 Reported as sum of linear and branched. The other parameters are reported as linear.