Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Elements
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
Bi, bismuth 0.05 µg/l
Ce, cerium 0.01 µg/l
Dy, dysprosium 0.01 µg/l
Er, erbium 0.01 µg/l
Eu, europium 0.01 µg/l
Gd, gadolinium 0.01 µg/l
Ga, gallium 0.01 µg/l
Ge, germanium 0.01 µg/l
Hf, hafnium 0.01 µg/l
Ho, holmium 0.01 µg/l
La, lanthanum 0.01 µg/l
Lu, lutetium 0.01 µg/l
Nd, neodymium 0.01 µg/l
Nb, niobium 0.01 µg/l
Pr, praseodymium 0.01 µg/l
Sm, samarium 0.01 µg/l
Sc, scandium 0.1 µg/l
Ta, tantalum 0.01 µg/l
Te, tellurium 0.5 µg/l
Tb, terbium 0.01 µg/l
Th, thorium 1 0.2 µg/l
Tm, thulium 0.04 µg/l
W, tungsten 0.5 µg/l
Yb, ytterbium 0.01 µg/l
Y, yttrium 0.01 µg/l
Zr, zirconium 0.01 µg/l

V-5-COMP Complementary analytes

Package info

Price: See remarks
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: Same day
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Elements
Sample amount: min. 60 ml
Container: 60 ml quality controlled plastic bottle
Express: Yes, Expresstariff 1: SameDay +350%; Q07 +400%; Q12 300%; Q17 +200%; 1 day +100%; 2 days +75%; 3 days +40%; 4 days +30%; 5 days +20%
Accreditation: No
Instruction: Rinse the bottle 1-2 times before sampling using the same type of water as for the sample.
Remarks: Water samples containing sediment are decanted prior to preservation unless filtering has been ordered. Cost for decanting or filtering will be added.
Price for single element analysis: 425 SEK. Subsequent elements: 230 SEK/element. Request quote for analysis of many elements.
For 2 days or faster analysis, please send sample(s) directly to the ALS laboratory in Luleå. For questions please contact us.

1 Accredited analysis.