Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Drinking water analyses
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
Fe, iron 0.4 µg/l
Mg, magnesium 90 µg/l
As, arsenic 0.05 µg/l
Cd, cadmium 0.002 µg/l
Ca, calcium 100 µg/l
Na, sodium 100 µg/l
Cr, chromium 0.01 µg/l
Se, selenium 0.5 µg/l
Sb, antimony 0.01 µg/l
B, boron 10 µg/l
Hg, mercury 0.002 µg/l
Mn, manganese 0.03 µg/l
Al, aluminium 0.2 µg/l
Cu, copper 0.1 µg/l
Pb, lead 0.01 µg/l
Ni, nickel 0.05 µg/l
Physical-chemical parameters
colour 2 mg Pt/l
pH 3-11 pH
conductivity 1 mS/m
COD-Mn 0.5 mg/l
turbidity 0.20 FNU
ammonium 0.03 mg/l
nitrate 0.5 mg/l
nitrite 0.01 mg/l
fluoride 0.2 mg/l
chloride 0.5 mg/l
sulfate 0.5 mg/l
bromate 0.005 mg/l
cyanide (total) 0.005 mg/l
benzene 0.2 µg/l
1,2-dichloroethane 1 µg/l
tetrachloroethene 0.2 µg/l
trichloroethene 0.1 µg/l
sum of tetrachloroethene and trichloroethene
trichloromethane (chloroform) 0.3 µg/l
tribromomethane (bromoform) 0.2 µg/l
dibromochloromethane 0.1 µg/l
bromodichloromethane 0.1 µg/l
sum of trihalomethanes 0.3 µg/l
benzo(a)pyrene 0.002 µg/l
benzo(b)fluoranthene 0.004 µg/l
benzo(k)fluoranthene 0.002 µg/l
benzo(ghi)perylene 0.003 µg/l
indeno(123cd)pyrene 0.003 µg/l
Organochlorinated pesticides:
aldrin 0.005 µg/l
dieldrin 0.01 µg/l
heptachlor 0.01 µg/l
heptachlor epoxide 0.01 µg/l

DV-4 Drinking water from user, extended chemical test (according to SLVFS 2001:30)

Package info

Price: 6 195 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: 10 work days
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Water
Analysis type: Drinking water analyses
Container: For containers, please see "Remarks" below.
Express: No
Accreditation: Yes
Instruction: Sampling instructions
Remarks: Containers for this analysis:
2x1 l dark glass bottle + 2x 250 ml plastic bottle + 60 ml plastic bottle for cyanide + 2x40 ml brown EPA-vial withNaHSO4 added+ 60 ml quality controlled plastic bottle + 60 ml plastic bottle for bromate, chlorate, chlorite + 1 l plastic bottle for analysis of Cu, Pb och Ni
Containers can be ordered under "Order sample containers"
Time sensitive analysis. Please send the samples to the laboratory as soon as possible after sampling. Please, do not send the samples over a weekend.