Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
Al, aluminium 1 50 mg/kg dry weight
Be, beryllium 1 0.1 mg/kg dry weight
B, boron 2 mg/kg dry weight
Ca, calcium 1 50 mg/kg dry weight
Fe, iron 1 10 mg/kg dry weight
Li, lithium 1 1 mg/kg dry weight
Mg, magnesium 1 5 mg/kg dry weight
Mn, manganese 0.5 mg/kg dry weight
P, phosphorus 5 mg/kg dry weight
Na, sodium 1 50 mg/kg dry weight
Sr, strontium 1 0.2 mg/kg dry weight
S, sulphur 50 mg/kg dry weight
Bi, bismuth 2 0.01 mg/kg dry weight
Rb, rubidium 0.2 mg/kg dry weight
Tl, thallium 0.05 mg/kg dry weight
U, uranium 0.02 mg/kg dry weight

MS-2-ADD Supplementary analytes

Package info

Price: Price/suppl. analyte: 190 SEK
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: Same day
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Sample amount: min. 1 g dry matter
Container: 100 ml plastic jar
Method: ICP-MS. The analysis is performed after a simplified sample preparation and a separate dry matter determination. Digestion: leaching in HNO3. (The concentrations are recalculated to DW 105°C)
Express: Yes, Expresstariff 1: SameDay +350%; Q07 +400%; Q12 300%; Q17 +200%; 1 day +100%; 2 days +75%; 3 days +40%; 4 days +30%; 5 days +20%
Accreditation: Yes
Remarks: Can be ordered as ALS Quick (Quick and SameDay must be pre-booked). For more information about prices, delivery times and how to order, please read Expressanalyser för jord och vatten byggnads material.
Sludge samples should be delivered cooled in order to prevent gas evolution.
Price for single element analysis: 505 SEK. Additional elements are available on request. Price: 190 SEK/supplementary element.

1 Analysis does not reflect total concentrations. Analysis according to our TC-packages is recommended.
2 The parameter is not accredited.