Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
Al2O3 dry matter
CaO dry matter
Fe2O3 dry matter
K2O dry matter
MgO dry matter
MnO dry matter
Na2O dry matter
P2O5 dry matter
SiO2 dry matter
TiO2 dry matter
sum of oxides dry matter
LOI dry matter
As, arsenic 1 0.1 mg/kg dry weight
Ba, barium 2 mg/kg dry weight
Be, beryllium 0.5 mg/kg dry weight
Cd, cadmium 1 0.01 mg/kg dry weight
Co, cobalt 1 0.03 mg/kg dry weight
Cr, chromium 10 mg/kg dry weight
Cu, copper 1 0.3 mg/kg dry weight
Hg, mercury 1 0.04 mg/kg dry weight
Nb, niobium 5 mg/kg dry weight
Ni, nickel 1 0.08 mg/kg dry weight
Pb, lead 1 0.1 mg/kg dry weight
S, sulphur 8 mg/kg dry weight
Sc, scandium 1 mg/kg dry weight
Sr, strontium 2 mg/kg dry weight
V, vanadium 2 mg/kg dry weight
W, tungsten 50 mg/kg dry weight
Y, yttrium 2 mg/kg dry weight
Zn, zinc 1 1 mg/kg dry weight
Zr, zirconium 2 mg/kg dry weight

MG-1 Metals (29) in soil, sludge and sediment, 7M HNO3 digestion and fusion

Package info

Price: 1 525 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 15 work days
Fastest response time: 3 work days
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Sample amount: min. 5 g dry matter
Container: 100 ml plastic jar
Method: Digestion: For the determination of As, Cd, Co, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, S and Zn, the sample is dried at 50°C and leaching in 7M HNO3 for sludge/sediment, HNO3/H2O2 for soil. Other compounds are determined after fusion with lithium methaborate followed by dissolution in diluted nitric acid.
Express: Yes, Express tariff 2: 3 days +100%; 4 days +75%; 5 days +40%; 6 days +30%; 7 days +20%
Remarks: Read more in Naturvårdsverket's report 5148 (Halter av 61 spårelement i avloppsslam, stallgödsel, handelsgödsel, nederbörd samt i jord och gröda).
Price for single element analysis: 535 SEK. Subsequent elements: 200 SEK/element.
Cost for sample preparation may be added.
Sludge samples should be delivered cooled in order to prevent gas evolution.
If you have questions about sample preparation, please contact the laboratory.

1 Accredited analysis.