Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Analysis of substance: Report limit:
As, arsenic 1.0 mg/kg dry weight
Ba, barium 0.5 mg/kg dry weight
Cd, cadmium 0.10 mg/kg dry weight
Co, cobalt 0.1 mg/kg dry weight
Cr, chromium 0.2 mg/kg dry weight
Cu, copper 0.3 mg/kg dry weight
Hg, mercury 0.05 mg/kg dry weight
Ni, nickel 0.2 mg/kg dry weight
Pb, lead 1 mg/kg dry weight
V, vanadium 0.2 mg/kg dry weight
Zn, zinc 2 mg/kg dry weight

M-AR2 Metals (11) in soil, sludge and sediment

Package info

Price: 1 000 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: Same day
Discount group: 1
Sample type: Soil, sludge and sediment
Analysis type: Elements
Sample amount: min. 1 g dry matter
Container: 100 ml plastic jar
Method: ICP-MS after digestion in aqua regia. SS-EN ISO 54321:2021 (land, treated bio waste, sludge and waste), SS-EN 16174:2012 (sludge, treated waste and land)
Express: Yes, Expresstariff 1: SameDay +350%; Q07 +400%; Q12 300%; Q17 +200%; 1 day +100%; 2 days +75%; 3 days +40%; 4 days +30%; 5 days +20%
Accreditation: Yes
Instruction: For 1 day analysis, please send sample(s) directly to the ALS laboratory in Luleå.
Remarks: Sludge samples should be delivered cooled in order to prevent gas evolution.
The samples can be analyzed as wet or as dry matter.
For Same Day, please contact ALS laboratory in Luleå