ALS follows all recommendations and advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden to prevent the spread of covid-19. We have taken actions to reduce the risk of infection within the laboratories and we are prepared to handle an aggravated situation. This website will continuously be updated with current information. 


New routines at the laboratories to maintain normal capacity

ALS laboratories in Sweden are open as normal and with the same services as earlier. Some of our most important actions to prevent the spread of covid-19 and to maintain our normal capacity are listed below:


  • Remote work: ALS has reorganized the work to allow for remote work for as many employees as possible. Two examples of remote work are: client service and evaluations of analytical runs.
  •  Disinfection: To minimize the risk of infection, common surfaces are regularly disinfected and hand disinfections are available in common places. 
  • Social distancing: We keep an increased distance to our colleagues at all times, also during breaks. Meetings are held online as far as possible.
  • Back-up possibilities: Our laboratories are located in different parts of Sweden, as well as in Europe and we have the possibility to help each other if the situation gets worse at one laboratory.
  • Visitor ban: We do generally not allow any visitors at our laboratories.    
  • Contingency planning: We continuously plan for probable situations that may occur. We have for example already planned for a situation where Swedish schools would get closed.


If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.