A-4b Particle determination, qualitative, in material samples or on tape (identification of different particle types)

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Package info

Price: 1 995 SEK / sample
Std. response time: 10 work days
Fastest response time: Same day
Discount group: 6
Sample type: Waste/construction material
Analysis type: Particles/asbestos/fibers/mold
Sample amount: 5-10 cm
Container: ALS Sampling Tape
Method: SEM-EDS
Express: Yes, Expresstariff 1: SameDay +350%; Q07 +400%; Q12 300%; Q17 +200%; 1 day +100%; 2 days +75%; 3 days +40%; 4 days +30%; 5 days +20%
Accreditation: No
Remarks: Read more about asbestos at asbestos-laboratory.com.
The analysis is qualitative and is used to identify what particle types are presenr in dust (or material). The particles are divided into groups depending on their composition. This can be used to look for certain particles or find out the origin.