ALS Scandinavia is your partner for chemical testing within environment, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, human biology and other areas. We provide a wide range of analyses including organic compounds, metals, particles and isotopes.

Latest news

Supervision by the accreditation agency SWEDAC!

Aug 24, 2015

Last week we have had supervision by the accreditation agency SWEDAC. The accreditation is a third-party acknowledgement of competence and is comparable to ISO 9000 certification in industry. For a laboratory to be accredited, compliance with international QA standards must be confirmed both by an initial assessment and by recurrent audits. ... Read more »

Use of reference data

Aug 18, 2015

The reference data on elements in clinical samples found at our website is based on several research articles partially authored by employees at ALS Scandinavia AB.

The staff at ALS Scandinavia AB are experts in performing metal analyses of clinical specimens but unfortunately not in a position to be responsible for maintaining up-to-date reference values for all elements since this is an area in constant change. For such reference values, we kindly refer to for example a doctor... Read more »

ALS Täby moves to Stockholm

May 7, 2015

On May 13th, ALS Stockholm will be moving to new facilities located on Rinkebyvägen 19c, Danderyd. This means the ALS Stockholm branch will close at 14:00 on this day and remain closed until Monday, May 18th.... Read more »

Opening hours

ALS Scandinavia AB
ALS Scandinavia offers the most diverse analytical testing services in chemical analysis of environmental, food, pharmaceutical, electronics, human biology, isotope analysis, etc.
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Usually there is staff on site, both before and after the time specified, call for information: 
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