ALS Scandinavia is your partner for chemical testing within environment, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, human biology and other areas. We provide a wide range of analyses including organic compounds, metals, particles and isotopes.

Latest news

Accredited analyses of 68 elements in blood, serum, plasma and urine!

Jan 27, 2014

ALS Scandinavia AB are now proud to offer accredited analyses of 68 elements in whole blood, plasma, serum and urine.... Read more »

The new scope of EN 71-3

Sep 3, 2013

In June 2013, the scope of the standard EN 71-3 which sets limits for the migration of elements in toys was extended. In addition to a number of new elements, EN 71-3:2013 now also includes hexavalent chromium (CrVI) and organotin compunds (OTC).... Read more »

Acquisition of Severn Trent Laboratories

Mar 27, 2013

ALS Limited has acquired Severn Trent Analytical Services (STL) from the UK-listed water utilities group, Severn Trent plc.

The STL business has a turnover of over £15m and operates from two main laboratories in the UK – in Wakefield and Coventry – as well as a satellite laboratory in Runcorn and a logistics centre in Ireland.  STL employs over 300 staff and has a leading market position in providing analytical services to water authorities in the... Read more »