L-3a Metals in solid samples

Substance: Report limit:
As, arsenic 0.08 mg/kg
Cd, cadmium 0.005 mg/kg
Co, cobalt 0.005 mg/kg
Cr, chromium 0.03 mg/kg
Cu, copper 0.1 mg/kg
Hg, mercury 0.01 mg/kg
Mn, manganese 0.04 mg/kg
Ni, nickel 0.04 mg/kg
Pb, lead 0.04 mg/kg
Zn, zinc 0.2 mg/kg

Package info

Price: 1 890 SEK / sample
Discount group: 5
Sample type: Solid samples
Analysis type: Elements
Method: ICP-SFMS
Accreditation: No
Remarks: On request, the results can be reported as µg/tablet. Single elements from L-3a/L-3b, SEK 790. L-3a/L-3b may be supplemented with other elements. First supplementary element SEK 315, following supplementary elements SEK 160/element. Certain elements demands a separate digestion or analysis, for such elements 315 SEK is added.
Cost for sample preparation may be added.
ALS Scandinavia AB has no generally validated method but offer method validations on request.