Samples should always be accompanied by an order form listing all the names with which the samples in the batch are marked. If a quotation is to be referred to, always note the quotation number on the order form; in this way errors in invoicing can be avoided. Other important information or instructions, such as "Filter before acidification", "probably high in Hg", etc. should also be stated on the order form. If the sample is a collect sample, this should also be indicated. Such information on samples facilitates their handling in the laboratory and promotes rapid delivery of results.

Please mark the samples with suitable labels or in waterproof writing with a marker pen.
Suitable sample containers, labels, and order forms can be ordered from the laboratory. We provide sample containers for samples submitted for analysis (some sample containers are provided free of charge). There are also instructions for sample handling for different analyses, which can be downloaded as pdf files.

Samples can be sent in parcels or letters or by other means as appropriate. Please Note: Make sure that the samples will arrive as soon as desired by the means of transport used.

Please contact your local laboratory for further information regarding sample submission, order forms, etc.